• There are countless companies that do what we do.

  • What sets may instead be our professionalism and our long and extensive background in the sport of tennis. "We are experts at tennis.

  • "We constantly develop new ideas because we cherished wishes of our customers and treat them according to their own conditions.

  • Thanks to our customers and our continuous development, we have now taken us a long way toward our goal and our vision.

  • There are no shortcuts. Hard work , combined with the willingness to listen, learn and develop has been a matter of course for us

  • Swedish Tennis Academy is a part of the international company UAB Aerozone.




 Let us help you develop your game!

Welcome to the Swedish Tennis Academy at Gran Canaria.




Christian Löfborg

-Owner and founder of

  the Swedish Tennis Academy 

-Professional Tenniscoach Certificate4+

Since 1988 he has been working as a professional tennis coach in Sweden and internationally with all categories of tennisplayers. Christian has undergone the highest education.

Christian takes a very personal approach to coaching: “I try to work carefully within an individual’s style of play. It is about producing sound fundamentals and working on the player both mental and physically.”

He oversees all aspects of the tennis program and ensures delivery of the optimal training and highest level of development to each male and female tennisplayer and brings his own passionate style to everything he does and a message that cannot be ignored. He has always relied on his resilient and positive attitude and unique strengths to enable him to attain his current level of success. He is a strong advocate and role model for living a healthy lifestyle. Christian demands a lot out of himself, all those who work for him, and those who train with him.


Auxi Villanueva Ruano


Tennis school manager

Administration controller

Tenniscoach  certificate 2+



Per-Erik Granath

Professional Tenniscoach / Certificate 4+

He has extensive experience as a coach at any level. Spent most of his career has been practicing trainer / operations manager at the National Sport School for tennis in Lidköping (Swedish Tennis Association Tennis Gymnasium).

Worked with many of our best players like Robin Soderling of Sweden and current world junior Elias Ymer.
Large experience in international tennis. Travel as coach at a variety of international competitions including the European Championships for juniors and much more.
Also been accountable for region Tennis West.
Now working as a trainer for the Swedish Tennis Association ,  the National Sport School for tennis in Lidköping (Swedish Tennis Association Tennis Gymnasium) and individuell coaching of all levels of player. 



Vadim Krutov

Professional Tenniscoach/ Certificate 3+

Vadim have playing tennis since he was 6 years old. He was active even in other sports that helped him to develop additional skills in tennis when he was between 9 and 18 years old.  Football is excellent for footwork, icehockey improves an excellent balance and coordination of movement, table tennis makes instant response better, and chess improve the ability to concentrate and make the right decision in a short period of time. From 2000 Vadim begin to study and practice as a professional tennis coach. During this time he has got certificate 2+ in his teaching and was working in several tennis clubs in Sweden. Vadim can easily recognize the faults that a player has and help to correct and improve a better style and technique. He works with all categories of players regardless of age and level. He is still actively practicing, playing tennis tournaments and studying the coaching profession. He speaks english and fluent swedish and russian.



Alfredo Perez Rodriguez

ProfessionalTenniscoach/ Certificate 3

Hitting partner



Leo Mathiasson

Tenniscoach 1

Assistant  Coach tennisschool



Deportes 216

Padel coaching



Alexander Quevedo Bordòn 

Professional physical trainer / Sport trainer


Bernt Mathiasson 

Project manager



P-O Brattemo

Responsible for Club tournament and "Play On"

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