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Gran Canaria is a classic in the Canarian archipelago.

A detailed presentation is almost superfluous.
But did you know that a trip around the island takes you through four
climate zones? Or the dunes of Maspalomas
blown here all the way from the Sahara desert?
Gran Canaria
The world's best weather - all year round
In recent years, Gran Canaria has undergone a stylish development
and modernization with new beaches and exciting new
activity. This is one of our most versatile destinations
something for every taste and holiday wishes. In addition to the
nice weather and the wonderful baths, there is an almost
endless variety of activities, entertainment and amusement.
If you enjoy mild climate, lots of attractions and
varied landscape miniature continent could Canaries
be just right for you. Geographically African, politically Spanish
and culturally diverse, Gran Canaria is a melting pot of
tastes and influences. Ever since the original
cavemen roamed its palm-filled Dalarna
and pounding shores, marauders seeking to assert
right to the country - and for good reason.
Most new arrivals to Gran Canaria
attracted to the golden south where sandy
bays, fishing harbors and coves provide the
coconut oil crowd with a wide selection
of opportunities. Here are the
rolling dunes of Maspalomas, the only
natural element among the noisy
resorts of man-made
Maspalomas and Playa de Maspalomas.
Further along the coast Puerto Rico
and Puerto de Mogan which attracts
sanddyrkarna, last place is also a
scenic shorelines for yacht people.
In the hinterland between flowering meadows and
narrow country roads you will find villages
Fataga, Tamaraceite and Teror. Here you go
time slowly, except during the
recurring byfiestan. There is a difference
the capital, Las Palmas. It is not
Just the archipelago's largest city, but also
the most cosmopolitan. The old
quarter displays a rich past with
tales of daring raids that have created
the Gran Canaria.

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