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Physical training



Type of sessions

Personal training:
Individual or couple sessions, in which we will work globally to achieve the client's objective We will rely on a training plan parallel and some essential nutritional advice for the achievement of objective.

Generally these sessions are aimed at achieving the
following objectives:
- Improvement of general physical conditioning.
- Avoid possible future injuries.
- Weightloss.
- Performance improvement for active athletes.
- Return to the practice of physical activity after a period of inactivity.
- Sports readaptation, after an injury.
- Improvement of muscle tone.

Padel / Tennis Physical Preparation:
Individual or group sessions, based on the final objective of the client and the duration of the program. We will always work aligned with the specific practice  ofsport, dealing with aspects such as:
- Cardiovascular improvement, both aerobic and anaerobic.
- Proprioception.
- Muscle compensation.
- General and specific force work.
- Specific flexibility work.
- Improvement of mobility ranges.
- Speed ​​and agility work.
- Reaction speed.
- Match analysis.


Child Psychomotricity:
Group sessions with children of similar ages, where we will look through the
movement that children dominate their body while improving their relationship andcommunication with the nearest environment. These cognitive, motor skills, Affective and social, they provide autonomy and improvement of the child's self-esteem.
The work usually focuses on the following points:
- Lateral work.
- Releases.
- Receptions.
- Displacements through space.



Miguel Pasqual

Professional physical coach

Responsible for all psysical coaching at the academy.

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