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Welcome to join the Group Games, which is aimed at anyone who regularly plays with / at SwedishTennisAcademy at GranCanaria.

Develop your match game or meet more to play with by participating in STA's group play. The group game is a fun form of matric training through single, double and mixed play.

How it's work out: 5 minutes warm up.
The matches will be played best in short, first to 4 games, tiebreak at 3 equal in each set. Play as many sets as you can in one hour. When the clock hits full time, the game breaks and the current game is not played.

The players keep themselves with balls.

Match days will be Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

The players count and judge themselves.
Everyone judges only on their own half. If you are unsure of a ball, you will judge the opponent's advantage or decide to play the ball.


Win of 3 points.

Management at the start of 2 points.

Position equal to initially seen 1 point

Age: Children and adults.
The requirement to participate is that the player can to some extent master the tennis stroke and score count reasonably.

Cost: 6€ / match.

Registration: By contact form below.

Playwaze responsible is Bernt Mathiasson.
For questions, please contact him in the contact form below.

Game schedule and more can be found by downloading the playwaze app and logging in to SwedishTennisAcademy.






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