Regular Tennisschool




     All year around

     Max. 4 players/group/all ages


Tennis Starters    Age: 4-6 years   Number of hours /week: 45 minutes

Training: Will focus on motoric skills, rhythm, koordination for fun and playful shapes. "Play and stay program"


Minitennis   Age: 6-8years   Number of hours / week: 1 hour

Training: Should focus on learning the tennis grounds in fun and playful shapes. "Play and stay program"

Theme: Warming up program


Tennisschool 1   Age: 8years->   Number of hours per week: 1 hour

Training: Basic, but focuses mostly on the forehand and backhand, more superficially in

the other classes. "Play and stay program up to 10 years old"

Theme: Warm up, stretching, physical treatment, how to compete, count in tennis


Tennisschool 2   Age: 8years->   Number of hours per week: 2 hours. (1 hour per day)

Training: Basic with a focus on more advanced tennis training than tennisschool 1,

"Play and stay program up to 10 years old"

Theme: stretching, physical training,psychological training


Tennisschool 3   Age: 9 years->   Number of hours per week: 3hours.( 1 hour per day)

Objective: To players to become more independent tennis players and make and the things needed

on and off the track

Theme: Becoming an independent tennis player


Tournament groups   Age: 10yrs->   Number of hours per week: 3-5 hours . 1 to 2 hours per day.

Objective: Being able to play a little bigger competitions

Theme: Be his own coach,Exercise: Tactics, strategy,tournament games

Criteria for selection to theTournamentgroup :                                                                                                           

Talents, General presence., Exercise,Motivation,Power-on and off the track, Ambitions, goals. Physical training, testing, Contest Participation,Cooperation with juniors and coaches, Competition, General tennis interest,

Club Esteem, Training: at least 3 hours a week, Ideally 5-7 hours including two hours with no coach, Mandatory physical training


Adult courses:   Age: Senior   Number of hours per week: 1 hour or 2 hours per week. (1 hour per day)

All training adopted to level of play

Objective: Practice the flaws in the game

Theme: Create satisfaction and fellowship with good tennis development


  • Prices 

               45min/week .  35€/month

               1 hour/week    40€/month

               2 hours/week  80€/month

               3 hours/week  120€/month

               4 hours/week  160€/month



Normally, if your own obstacles, rain,sickness or the like fall due, this will refer to things that we can not influence on the monthly fee.
Refers to the influence of sickness of trainer or relocation of hours that do not work or the like, we intend to replace by deducting the tax next month or replacing with compensation hours if this is possible.

(The monthly fee is not calculated for 4times when the customer receives some months 5 times, so the fee is for monthly.)

Observation December and January is only one fee for compensation some holiday weeks.

The fee for tennisschool always should be payed in advance in the beginning of the month

No training:

We following the National holidays, bank holidays and similar. No compensation for this days.

Days with no Tennisschool:

12/10 National day of Spain
27/10-4/11 Autumn holiday
6/12-8/12 Día de la Inmaculada
20/12-7/1 Christmas holiday
18/2-22/2 Sports holiday
19/3 Fathers day
15/4-19/4 Easter holiday
1/5 Worker's day
30/5 Day of Canarias



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